Friday, September 28, 2012

Bill Costley
@ rosy-fingered dawn a brown Bonaierana
swims nude off the tiny beach below
Den Laman, her shorts & T-shirt cast
aside on a wall of crumbling coral.
As I finger them,
She calls from the water, "He' he' mihi!"
(Hey, hey, that's mine!) as I try to focus
in the blue morning light; only her
head's visible against incoming tide.
Rosy F. Dawn swims another half-hour
before her day shift. I sit on a block,
my back to her, writing this as the day
breaks, broken & burning, brightly east.

[Diadumingu (Sun.) 26 MAR 95 06:45 Playa Lechi, Bonaire N.A.i]


  1. This moment in time observation brings the reader from the chair to a place far from it. The continuation of the different finger themes throughout the poem is interesting. The images (even without the photo) are so clear, that I'm there in my mind many miles away from Los Angeles.

  2. I wrote it on Diadumingu = Sun. 26 MAR 95 06:45am on Playa Lechi, on the Caribbean island of Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles (aka the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) far from Los Angeles, CA. ~ Bill Costley