Friday, September 28, 2012

Bill Costley
@ rosy-fingered dawn a brown Bonaierana
swims nude off the tiny beach below
Den Laman, her shorts & T-shirt cast
aside on a wall of crumbling coral.
As I finger them,
She calls from the water, "He' he' mihi!"
(Hey, hey, that's mine!) as I try to focus
in the blue morning light; only her
head's visible against incoming tide.
Rosy F. Dawn swims another half-hour
before her day shift. I sit on a block,
my back to her, writing this as the day
breaks, broken & burning, brightly east.

[Diadumingu (Sun.) 26 MAR 95 06:45 Playa Lechi, Bonaire N.A.i]