Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daniel Yaryan


At each fast, lean-and-mean corp core
till they sell our corpses coffins
we're the numbers
we've got their number
no safety or strength in numbers
numb blurs
getting back on our imaginary horses with dull spurs
and riding backwards to where we belong
into a fantasy sunset that will never crumble
a magnificent perception
of a life goal of big biz beliefs, practices
and overall genuine, beautiful MO
leading us to the good life
we're heading toward a land of sunshine
with every promise made
and we're kept
revolving on this depleted ball
ruining someone’s sons of sons' sons golf games in the future world
built entirely on ethics, integrity, piety
never moral turpitude
all that we know
is brought to us by sponsors of the American wet dream
based on the ultimate aim: guaranteed customer satisfaction
for generations to cum
all wishes granted
every need fulfilled
by every object built
on the backs of levels of underlings
from the pressures
of guilt free Gods of Commerce

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