Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marcielle Brandler

Freeway Ghost

There's a spirit who lingers on the 101
Freeway where the 405 Sacramento splits
between Hollywood and Van Nuys. Some
people say there is no haughty ghost,
but a mere piece of plastic caught on
a branch. It trails across the sidewalk.
Everyone who has driven past that off ramp
knows that piece of plastic. It's been stuck
there for years. Some say that's how the dead
girl disguises herself. City dwellers have
seen her only on bright mornings. Perhaps
it is a dry cleaner's bag. I heard
of a friend who stopped his car and
tore the bag from the lilac bush. He
threw it away, tired of hearing
shadow gossip. No sooner did he
rid us of the myth when it was
replaced with a new one. Fast
drivers claim to have seen her.
Scholars report she is a spirit
who has never been born. Fishers
of men say this succubus lies in wait
for an opportunity to invade
an innocent man. Romantics
surmise she seeks her lost love.
She feels naked without a body.
Transients seek her advice. She
warms them at night. If she is
waiting, perhaps she'll climb into
our car. Perhaps because plastic
is so abundant, it is the most
expedient body she could find.

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