Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lalo Kikiriki

The Cecil B. DeMille Memorial Cloud Formation of September 2010

The clouds spelled out "GOD"
over Laughlin Park tonight.
I thought some preacher had hired
a sky-writing plane
for a moment,
as the slow-dissolving letters
drifted behind the observatory domes.
But no, this phenomenon
over DeMille Drive
was as natural
and unexpected
as the cloudburst that hit Eagle Rock at noon
or the famous
double rainbow yesterday –
rare enough to make the evening news
in Hollywood.
Could it be the "greater powers"
are trying to make a point?
"GOOD JOB!" or
or maybe just,
"Take your eyes off the paper
for a minute –
the sky?"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tim Tipton


It was a slow and quiet Saturday night
I listened to the radio for a time
When I climbed into bed
I realized I left it on
I was too tired, in need of sleep
So I closed my eyes
Night swallowed me whole
the house sailed west on a wave of dreams
When I woke up
I felt a kinship to the voices
After that night, I slept with the
Radio, talked to the radio,
Disagreed with the radio
I believed in a far-a-way
Radio land that I would never
Find, doomed to only prowl the
Air waves forever, ever seeking
Some magic channel
For now I would have to settle
For just listening.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rosalee Thompson


There she was
beautiful, not perspiring
secretly pregnant
in the middle of Afrika
Riding the rapids with tribesmen and hippos
shooting rhinos
to impress her man

There she was
another time
beautiful, not perspiring
telling her confession to the visiting priest
Bless me father
I'm a party girl
well, you couldn't hear her sins
but she was bad
till she fell in love
with the big game hunter

There she was
never perspiring
surrounded by beasts and big eyed Afrikans
propped up
always pretty
not really even a gardener
not even an academy awarded actress
just a different kind of slave

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mark Dixon


spotless carpet
soft fluorescents
a chime
repeated softly
from the ceiling

styled for 1962
smartly fashioned
always white

Elegant background
of soothing Mancini
gleaming escalators
fake travertine marble
and lots of cold