Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poet-broker (AKA Ed Rosenthal)


Developers are tinkering with a tinsel town toolkit,
chiseling clues from foundations of urban places.
They've tightened up synergy in boulevard spaces
and smoothed diverse urban energies into grooves.
The past is honored in Egyptian and Pantages restorations.
The future is grounded on the rails of three transit stations.
At night workers race to bars over walk of fame pavement,
then throw off their shoes in lofts above rail tubes.

The barely lit sun shines on reborn deco buildings
where youth rests before stumbling past steamy cafes,
up to loft offices or down Hollywood and Vine escalators
to catch red neon Metro to Downtown or San Fernando gigs.
Looking back above them at see thru towers, where elevators
mix women in nurses whites with sisters in St. Johns knits.

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