Friday, July 16, 2010

Eric Lawson


My childhood has been repackaged
I thought while shopping for
birthday gifts for my relatives
Everything that was cool when
I was a kid is back in style
All the toys
All the lunchboxes
All the tee-shirts
All the catch-phrases

and yet

The movie remakes pale
The toys are made cheaper
The tee shirts are retro
rip-offs, and utterly unoriginal
New glossy covers encase
classic works of literature
New rose-colored glasses
are handed out at the malls
Is money the new messiah?
I want to scream in revulsion
at the absurdity of it all

but then

I saw it The Ewok Village Play Set
"Now with more Ewoks"
proclaims the neon sticker
I pull my hat down lower
I swipe my trusty credit card
and race home to relive
my childhood again and again
Because now I can afford it
I can afford to stave off
the onrushing train of future
while spending my present
glorifying my past with joy

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