Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mikel Weisser


After 14 days I took out my garbage
I sprang up
After Magnolia
I saw reality was real once more
I saw the stink I’d cringed under
Could just be carried away

In a bathrobe and boxers
I walked out into midnight
Came back and cried
Wrote to my son and cried
Wrote to a friend and I cried

I slid open the backdoor
Propped open my front
Stepped out of the robe
Let the vertical blinds clatter
Clatter to a roar
Roar like a frog storm
I stood and I shuddered and I cried

Fresh air filled my house
I breathed
And breathed again
I shut the doors and the lights
I sat and I wrote this
And readied for bed
Eager to start my new day

An hour later
I struggle up from covers
And flinch from the lamplight
And still cling and can’t let go
Tomorrow my daylight will shine on disorder
And every missing piece won’t somehow make sense

Like a former stupid genius
I’ll flounder in mundane
And know fact beyond all meaning
And fail to communicate my pain

After Magnolia
Even hours after
I’m still dwarfed beneath its immensity
But at least all my garbage is gone

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