Sunday, April 5, 2009

Michelle Angelini


The stars are so close over your head you could reach up to them and stir them around.
--paraphrase of a Clark Gable quote from It Happened One Night

Hands don’t reach quite as far
as imagination leaping
into an unclouded night sky
blooming with constellations

I dream of a place
an island where
crystalline waters
reveal secrets
I never believed
had veracity to exist
and white sand beaches
meet star-crowded skies
so that my hands can reach up
to this galactic playground

I can
shake hands with Orion
pet the ruff of the Cat’s Eye
unchain Andromeda
make a request of Cassiopeia
ride Pegasus to Crux the Southern Cross
to say a prayer for renewed prosperity

Each star sends me on my way
diminutive bits of star shine
cling to each hand
and illuminate a heart where darkness
sometimes crowds radiance
They let me discern at the end
of shadowy tunnels
stars watch from a sky
where someone greater
created them

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