Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Michelle Angelini


An angel and a human fly
His wings hide
She has no visible feathers
and soars on a trapeze

While human beings
wish for heaven's immortality
it's not so much
the other way around
Love knocks down barriers
as the desire to experience it
makes even the discomfort
of being human again
a minor ache
against the heart's hunger

It's a terrible beauty
for immortals with no afflictions
It's an intricate decision
to leave perfection
and cross back to a physical plane
It's a journey of more than miles
which divides this distance
between death and life

The desire to love
to be loved is strong
—stronger than the wildest
natural occurrences—
because if adoration leads
a heart from death back to living
than those who love and
become separated by demise
can still be connected through such power

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